• Lasagna Soup
  • Risotto with Mushrooms & Aspragus
  • Glazed Chocolate Chip Biscuits

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Lasagna Soup

Anyone else willing fall to actually happen? It’s September. Today’s high is 90 degrees. The boots in my closet are weeping. I moved all the shorts and swim suits out of my dresser yesterday in an act of defiance against this stupid weather. Come on summer, we are so over you. Know when to quit…. 

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Risotto with Mushrooms & Aspragus

  Wait! Before you go because, “you don’t like mushrooms”, we need to talk.  I hate mushrooms. Best way to ruin a great pizza? Mushrooms.  But this is different, friends. I promise. The mushrooms in this recipe are chopped so fine and they lend just the dreamiest flavor to this dish. Pretend it’s bacon. Heck,… 

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Glazed Chocolate Chip Biscuits

Wow. Wow to so many things right now. Wow to how busy our little man is. From dumping sprinkles all over the floor to climbing my dresser to helping himself to ice cream for breakfast. Wow to how big our oldest is getting. She empties the dishwasher. She’s headed to first grade. She negotiates on… 

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Double Decker Strawberry Crisp

Are you ready? For a dessert that will rock your face off?  Buttery, crispy, tart, sweet. The perfect blend of textures, not too mushy but not too crunchy either?  Crisps are one of my very favorite desserts. Apple crisp is my go-to fall dessert because it’s fast and easy to put together and everyone loves… 

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Orzo with Sausage & Bell Peppers

I’M SO EXCITED! Posting this means I got to eat it for lunch. This has been my new favorite meal for weeks now and I’m so happy to get to share it with you. It just seems like a good day to be excited!  One of the greatest things about having a meal train after… 

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Queso Blanco {Made With Real Cheese!}

Oh wow. If you know me well, or really even at all, you know I have an obsession with queso. The hubs and I never pass up the opportunity to eat queso. We could live on chips and queso for the rest of our lives. We may have some intense digestive issues but I’m pretty… 

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Chocolate Chess Pie

I have a pie obsession. It’s my very favorite thing to make. I love it more than cakes and cookies combined. I think I love it because while it’s simplistic, it’s also a craft that few people care to take up anymore. Making pies is therapeutic to me, rolling the crust and crimping the edges… 

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Iced Thumbprint Cookies

Holy Moses. It’s been a month. Quick recap. In the last 30 days: I ran the Tennessee Ragnar Relay race from Chattanooga to Nashville, overnight, in a van with 12 other women. My total mileage over the 36-ish hours we were running was 16.7 miles (divided into three legs of the race). It was hot,… 

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2016-04-30 07.36.45

The Time They Used The “C” Word….

I made you a cheesecake. It was gross. I mean, not gross gross. We ate it. But our bar is low people, like real low. If it has sugar and butter and whipped cream on top, we will eat it. But it wasn’t good enough to post. And that’s all I had for you. The… 

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Adulting 101

Surprise! This is not the post I had planned for this week. I WAS going to write some snarky post about parenting and feeding kids and share my favorite pancake recipe with you. And I still will. But life threw me a curve ball this week, be it a tiny curve call, and that all… 

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Chocolate Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake

 I’ve been searching for a long time. For a recipe to duplicate one of our favorite flavors from Nothing Bundt Cakes. Bundt cakes don’t always turn out great. The wrong recipe will take foreeeeeever to bake and end up dry on the outside or worse, stuck to the pan. I’ve ruined many a bundt cake…. 

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